As well as the initial purchase cost of the horse, the following training costs also need to be considered.

Basic Training Fees

£50 per day.


£90.00 per month standard charge. This is a set charge however many shoes your horse wears through in a month.


£0.85 per mile per horse.

Gallop & Schooling Fees

A monthly payment of £55 per horse. This is the charge administered for the upkeep and maintenance of the gallops and schooling hurdles/fences.

Racing Expenses

These expenses apply as per the National Trainers Federation (NTF) Regulations and Guidelines.

Rest Fees

If a horse is on a rest period the owner will be charged £18.50 per day (May – September) and £32.50 per day (October to April). If a horse is injured for a period over 3 weeks the basic training fee will be reduced after 3 weeks to £32.50 per day.

Additional Fees

Additional fees, include veterinary services (which are charged at cost), horse dentist (£80.00), horse chiropractor (£85.00), horse wormers (£30.00), rugs (£95.00 per annum), clipping (£75.00 per clip) and some supplements.

On arrival all horses are checked by horse dentist and chiropractor.

Please note that all costs are subject to VAT.