I am relieved to write that Fayette County is none the worse for his tumble at Newbury yesterday, though the frustration at seeing him fall for the second time in as many starts over fences is palpable.

His schooling at home has been very good and, until he landed far too steeply at the third last yesterday, I had been happy with his fencing.  He is a very enthusiastic type and both novicey falls have been down to overexuberance, but hopefully he will have learnt from yesterday’s error and he remains a young chaser of some potential.

We are in the midst of a cold snap at Pant Wilkin and, though our main gallop was in use this morning, we relied on our circular canter (pictured right) yesterday, with temperatures down to around -7.

The staff have, as usual, been fantastic over the busy Christmas period and hopefully there will be plenty more winners in the coming weeks to reward their efforts!